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The Beautiful taste of Honey is Like Wine Tasting. Honeys come straight from the flowers which is what makes and gives each Honey the most unique taste. Some of these Raw Honeys that we work with are Mono-floral Honeys.

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All Honey – Raw Honey Sales – San Jose, CA

Wholesale Raw Honey – Retail Raw Honey

Black Sage Honey – One Flower Honey. Our Number 1 Award Winning Honey. This rare plant gives Honey once every four to five years. It has a very light color in presentation, light in taste, known not to crystallize. This Honey can be eaten by the spoon full and will not over whelm you. Great with strawberries or as a fruit or yogurt topper.

Orange Blossom Honey – One Flower Honey. It has a flowery, perfumy taste, with a tad touch of citrus. Great with black tea, green tea or can be used as a glaze on chicken or pork when you barbecue.

Wildflower Honey – A Local Honey from Many Wildflowers. This is the Honey parents need for kids with allergies. It is a mixture of different flowers and different pollens to help with your allergies. Taste varies with each season of the year. Great with baking, cooking and specialty drinks.

Infused Lavender – Mild Lavender Taste Honey with an anise aroma. Great with teas.

Cotton – One Flower, Mild Honey. Great with cooking and baking where a mild sweetness is desired.

Our Raw Honeys are also great to try with your favorite cheese and crackers and wine.

Frequently Asked All Honey Questions

How Do Honeys Have Their Unique One Of A Kind Taste?

1) First, you have to know that Bees usually travel in about a 4 mile radius looking for flowers and food.

2) If we put a box of bees in an Orange Grove, and this Orange Grove has a radius of 50 miles of only Orange Trees, and we know that the Bees only fly up to a 4 mile radius, then we will only get ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY. This is a controlled situation that we have made for the Bees.

3) If we put a Bee hive box in your backyard, the Bees will go to every wildflower in the neighborhood. We cannot control where they go. For this reason, this Honey is called WILDFLOWER HONEY and is the best for children’s allergies.

Is Raw Honey Safe for Children?

We recommend that Raw Honey NOT to be given to children under 2 years of age. They are barley starting life and their immune system is initiating, and they are receiving there immunization shots.

For a child under twelve months of age, there is a risk of botulism from eating raw honey and it should be avoided. The spores of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria can be found in raw honey. When ingested by an infant, the spores can release a toxin that causes botulism and there immune system cannot fight. Your child has a life time to try Honey, why not wait.

Where Can I Purchase All Honey In The South Bay Area?

Farmers Market Store
520 Tennant Ave.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
(408) 778-1901

Fermentation Solutions
2507 Winchester Blvd.
Campbell CA 95008
(408) 871-1400

Farmers Market at James Lick High School
Corner of Alum Rock and White Rd.
San Jose CA 95127
Sundays 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Call for Schedule
(408) 426-0754

How Can You Contact Us?

If you have any questions please E-Mail Us or Call Us at (408) 426-0754 or (925) 525-5934.

Thank you from all of us at All Honey for taking the time to visit us.

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